Welcome to the international research project funded by the Polish National Science Centre, granted on the basis of decision no. 2013/08/M/HS4/00359:
Risk information avoidance – theoretical groundwork and research framework development with a special focus on genetic health risk information

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Conference Boston, USA

We studied why people do not take preventive measures under threat – a common yet unexplored problem – especially regarding health and safety behaviors.


Conference Venice, Italy

Information avoidance in financial decision making. When making financial decisions, decision-makers should perceive having complete risk information as beneficial. Surprisingly, in some situations decision-makers prefer to know less than more, even when it may result in losing money. Some shareholders do not keep themselves informed about the company they have…

Hilton Chicago

Conference Chicago, USA

When do we avoid health-risk information? Quality information is fundamental to forming accurate judgments. However, some empirical studies suggest that in real life decision-makers often prefer knowing less to more. We tested conditions under which individuals ignore health-risk information in an incentivized online experiment.